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We all know what mornings are like – the coffee rush is on even before we head for other necessities of life. We can’t wait to get the coffee machine ready primed with your favourite roast and switched on. You may be up from a shortened sleep after the alarm, but that doesn’t mean that you’re awake. So you’re not a morning person? – you are our ideal customer.

Our coffee shop online at The Coffee Rush is here to provide for those mornings – because we know the need for that first mug of coffee brewing, made from quality single origins and ready to be poured – then senses begin to return as you nurture your mug. As the saying goes ” Life begins after drinking coffee” Then the day begins – on the right footing.

This site is for enthusiasts, aiming to provide for all need for your legal fix – brewing coffee. We offer the best quality Coffee online and all your needs for making it – machines, brewing equipment, accessories and more.

We endeavour to supply the finest, fresh, ethically sourced, freshly roasted beans or ground coffee from our coffee shop online delivered directly to you from our master roastery.


Our Single Origin Beans


Buy coffee online: fresh roasted coffee beans


It’s a great feeling to know where your coffee beans come from. Single Origin Beans are traceable to their country of origin or a specific region in a country. Roasteries are more inclined to roast those batches of beans according to their country of origin and consign them, branded and certified accordingly.

There is a great deal of emphasis on sourcing beans ethically, which means narrowing down the origin to a more specific locality, such as a specific group of farms in a district.

It could also be a Co-operative of people who have united to grow a variety of coffee and market their produce independently at auction.

The coffee beans The Coffee Rush provides in a selection of coffee online from beans that traceable to the source by their country of origin or a specific region. We also have a selection that is traceable to a co-op as previously described or to eco-friendly farms. Whether you prefer Whole Bean or Ground, you will find a selection to your taste when you try our available coffee online, 

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Single Estate Varieties – Special

Special Coffee - Single Estate

Our single estate coffees are known as special coffees in our store category; These are from beans grown on selected farms or co-ops that have a special recognition for the ethical aspects of production. These can be, for example, where local growers have formed a co-op to produce and market their coffee directly, or where environmentally friendly farming methods are observed.

It gives the consumer an assurance that the source of their beans for making their favourite brew has some ethical base benefitting the producers.  Usually, this does mean that the producer receives a better return for their labours.

in some instances, the co-op or farm collective invests in the welfare of their workers, by providing medical and education programs.

In other cases, as in some of our South American coffees, the designation as a special coffee is for environmentally friendly farming methods, developed by reputable estates of many years standing. Check our selection of Special Coffee Online in our Store at the Coffee Rush now:

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Blended Coffees


Blended Coffee BeansBlended coffees are a mixture of coffee beans to suit a particular flavour, mostly used by restaurants and in cafes.

Roasteries will pride themselves in their special blend developed by proportional mixing beans of different origins to achieve a particular flavour by in-house experimentation. 

Most businesses will have their pride and joy – a signature blend especially developed for them by their chosen roastery.

Coffee lovers can benefit and indulge in their special breakfast blend of choice from the widest selection blended coffees now available when shopping at our coffee shop online.




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Green Unroasted Beans


Green Unroasted Coffee Beans
Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans – well…they’re exactly that – the unroasted coffee beans from before the roastery deals with them. They’re not a variety that has anything to do with saving the planet from climate change! Those who buy unroasted beans usually do so because they prefer to roast at home.

Other Uses of Unroasted Beans

The in-thing to comply with “green” in these time may be what has given rise to claims of medical benefits.: weight loss, lowering the effects of diabetes type 2 and more. The scientific evidence for the claims are yet to come in. So the jury’s still out on this one. If you’re in the green coffee beans scene then see what we have to offer 


Coffee Machines


coffee machine with mug

Coffee machines have become hugely popular over the years to be a desired item in the kitchen for home use now. There are many coffee lovers who want to take their love of coffee to the next level and look at purchasing a machine for the home that suits the family’s purposes.

We present a variety here to do your coffee brewing to your taste.

We list affordable starter coffee makers,  manual machines, fully automatic Espresso Machines, drip machines and more.

You can browse our site at your leisure and look at our machine presentations with us.

We hope that we will have made it easier to make your choice from coffee machines that suit your requirements.

Those Essential Items: Accessories & Coffee Brewing Equipment


Coffee Making & Brewing Accessories -Glass flask, paper filters, glass and ceramic dripperCoffee making accessories – those essential items that you can’t do without. 

Those extras that help make your life so much easier when you are making a favourite brew and don’t have the fully automatic do-it-all from bean to cup machine.

See our selection of grinders,  filters, milk frothers carafe’s, measuring spoons and storage bins for your specialty coffees.

Do a browse for all your coffee brewing needs here



Gift Sets and Ideas


Coffee Gift Sets
Coffee Gift Sets

Ever popular across the world, are coffee gift sets, given with affection to your loved one on special occasions.

Whether a birthday, mother’s day or Christmas, a coffee gift set is a welcome gift for a coffee lover.

We cater for easy shopping experience for that gift for mum or dad, for him and her.

Make it special for the occasion with a coffee gift basket.

So browse our site for coffee gift ideas and make your decision at your leisure.



Our Store – The Hub for Our Coffee Shop Online


You will now have acquainted yourself with The Coffee Rush to source all your coffee brewing needs from our selected freshly roasted beans, green unroasted beans, single-origin beans, gift sets and accessories.

We are continuously looking for new quality products for our coffee shop online for the benefit of our customers to make it an enjoyable shopping experience for visitors.

We hope that you enjoy our site and try some of our selected coffee beans in our store and make some of our selection a regular favourite order.

We wish you happy browsing for your coffee online shopping at The Coffee Rush.

Take look at our store here now to see our selection of coffee online.

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