Indian Monsoon Malabar

Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans

Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans

Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee

Monsooned Malabar is also known as Monsoon Malabar Coffee which originates from the Indian region Malabar in the states of Karnataka and Kerala.

The Coffee Growing industry for export from India began under British Colonial Rule during the time of the Raj, when the produce was transported by wooden sailing vessels around the Cape of Good Hope to British and European ports.

During the six months journey, it took for the cargo in a vessel to reach the intended destination, the coffee beans would suffer the consequences of weather and sea conditions. The coffee beans would swell to about twice their original size and change in colour from green to yellow.

By consequence, there was a positive effect on the quality of the coffee as those original journeys accidentally imparted a wonderful deep spiciness to the coffee. The Malabar Indian coffee became a firm favourite in Britain for its deep cup profile.

As wooden sailing vessels were replaced by steel-hulled steam vessels, the coffee beans from India were spared the damp conditions, which had a marked change on the characteristics and flavour of the coffee that was landed on European shores.
Consumers of the beverage noticed and hankered after the original signature flavours and tones.

A Process was Devised to Replicate the Journey of the Coffee Beans

To satisfy the demands of European consumers, a process was devised to replicate the conditions that the coffee beans endured during a six months-long voyage in a damp wooden sailing ship.

  • The harvested coffee beans would be transported to the Indian Coast and stored in barns to wait for the Monsoon storm season.
  • When the season began, the side of the barns would be raised to allow the content of the barns to be affected by the damp conditions.
  • The coffee beans would be spread on raised platforms in the barns in layers of about 4 to 6 inches thick. During the weeks of the Monsoon weather, they would be constantly turned.
  • After the season ended, the coffee would be allowed time to dry and be bagged to be stored for export
  • This process was very effective in replicating the original treatment of the beans on their long voyage back to Britain in wooden sailing vessels.

Indian growers have continued to use the process to replicate the original production of Indian Monsoon Malabar and will continue to do so in the future.


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