Coffee Making Accessories

       Coffee Making Accessories -Glass flask, paper filters, glass and ceramic dripper


Essential Coffee Making Accessories


We attempt to give you ideas for Coffee Making Accessories you may need or consider for your Kitchen. There is always an article we haven’t thought of using or is unknown to us that could be useful when coffee making.

That is what we present to you here on this page and hope you will find the best coffee making accessories of your choice to make that enjoyable brew much easier in the morning.

Milk Frothing Pitchers

We present You the ideal milk frothing pitchers. They are made of stainless steel with a beak for easy pouring.

These are a must-have in your kitchen, particularly if you are entertaining a group of friends and making coffee for them all.

Milk frothing pitchers/jugs are essential coffee making accessories for making Lattes or Cappuccinos.


Re-Usable Coffee Filters

Re-usable coffee filters are great coffee making accessories for your kitchen. Buying these items as re-usable, means, not only great savings on your monthly grocery budget, but on the environment too.

They are easy to use and are very environmentally friendly compared to disposable filters.

They also last for a long time with some re-used for up to 3 years – so a huge saving over a length of time.

Most are dishwasher friendly, so making them easy to maintain along with your regular dishwashing cycle.

We give you our favourite picks for re-usable coffee filters below.


These are the smaller items – essential coffee making accessories for making your life easier. You may also want to see coffee brewing equipment

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